The Time He Desires – Kyell Gold

Synopsis: After thirty years, Aziz’s marriage now consists mostly of arguing about whether to sell their store to a developer. His wife has a social life, interests and plans for the future, but the pawnshop is Aziz’s connection to his community. And then one day a desperate fox rushes into the shop looking for the honeymoon tape his husband sold. Seizing on this chance to make a difference, the cheetah steps up to help save their crumbling marriage. A gay couple might not show him the way to a new life, but he’s running out of ways to save his old one.

The Time He Desires by Kyell Gold, with illustrations by Kamui.

Published by FurPlanet Productions

I bought this novella, because it plays out around the characters of the book Love Match. However, I had not expected it to be about this particular character. I had expected to read more about Aziz’s son Marquize. It did provide a nice background for that particular character though.

I had also expected this novella to lean more towards the naughty side, as most of Gold’s novellas do this, but found myself engulfed in an enjoyable slice-of-life story instead, about a guy dealing with both his own sexuality and the sexuality of his son. No naughty scenes are described in this story.

Nonetheless, disregarding my earlier expectations, I really enjoyed this novella. The way Gold describes the life of a muslim cheetah in a world that is rapidly changing was very interesting and enjoyable to read. It is clear that Gold has done his research before attempting to write this, which is always a big plus in my eyes. The story is realistic and well-written. Well done.

– Faolan

The Time He Desires

The Time He Desires – Kyell Gold