Love Match – Kyell Gold

Synopsis: Rocky N’Guwe thought tennis would be the hardest thing he’d have to learn at Palm Gables Tennis Academy. But the young jackal finds himself navigating a new culture as well as his own sexuality and the volatile relationships of any high school, all while keeping himself focused on the professional career that will allow him to rescue his sister from an undesirable marriage back home. And looming in his future is Palm Gables alum and rising tennis star Braden Longacre, an abrasive cross fox whose path keeps crossing Rocky’s no matter how much the jackal tries to avoid him…

The first novel in a new series by Kyell Gold, with artwork by Rukis.

Published by Furplanet Productions

Yes! Another series by Kyell Gold! As soon as I came across this little fact on the internet, I immediately knew I needed to read it, Gold being one of my favourite authors.

It’s another series revolving around romance and sports, though tennis this time instead of American football. It is clear from the way that Gold writes about this sport, that he’s done a lot of research on the subject before attempting to write a novel about it, which is something I, as a reader, always deeply enjoy.

Love Match is basically a slice-of-life story about an immigrant boy with a talent for tennis, who needs to keep getting better, in order to stay there, while he’s wrestling with romantic feelings he has never felt before. However, this simple formula combined with Gold’s writing make for a very enjoyable story. The story is realistic, and so are the characters and situations that we find in this story.

Aside from the characters being realistic, they are also very likeable, which makes certain plot twists involving certain characters hit harder. I especially liked Rocky’s mother, who was portrayed as a strong independent woman, who had a strong hold on whatever situation she was in.

I had a lot of trouble keeping track of which species everyone was though. It was especially hard remembering Rocky’s friends. There was little to nothing that made certain species stand out, which was kind of a shame. I feel that more attention could have gone into this.

I’m already looking forward to the next installment in this series, knowing that things will probably only get more interesting.

– Faolan

Love Match

Love Match – Kyell Gold