Winter Games – Kyell Gold

Synopsis:  Sierra Snowpaw is just at the Lonnegan Ski Resort looking for a good time. You can trust him. If he doesn’t talk a lot about his past, well, a lot of guys have done things they’d rather forget. A lot of guys have been through things they’d rather forget, too.

He’s so nice that it isn’t that weird when he asks about some of the other guests. Not like a cop, though, or a Fed—well, okay. Maybe a little like that one guy from that movie. Maybe he’s off-duty, settling a score on his own time.

Or maybe he’s the guy on the run. Come to think of it, he looks around corners like someone’s after him, too. But you know, some guys are chased by nothing more than the ghosts of their past…

Written by Kyell Gold

Cover art and interior illustrations by Sabretoothed Ermine

Published by Furplanet Productions

Another cupcake novella by Kyell Gold, another enjoyable story. Winter Games is a story that shouldn’t be talked too much about when it comes to the story itself, as it would just ruin the experience at least a little bit, so I’ll keep it short.

Winter Games is a strong story, that was quite confusing in the beginning, but makes more and more sense the more you read. It has strong, believable characters, a realistic setting, and a believable storyline. It just works. It shouldn’t have been any longer or shorter. Well done. I enjoyed it.

– Faolan


Winter Games – Kyell Gold

The Jackal Queen – Roy Lisman

Synopsis:  Out of Time. On the Run.

Isaac was none too pleased when his vacation was cut short by a call from his friend Raziel. His mood only grew worse when Raziel magically transported them back in time to ancient Egypt.

Now they have to find a way back home, hopefully without changing history. But the locals think they are deities, which has caught the attention of the temptress pharaoh—the Jackal Queen.

Written by Roy Lisman

Cover and interior illustrations by Kadath

Published by Furplanet Productions

I picked up this book, because I am in love with ancient Egypt, both the culture, the style, and the mythology typical for that era. I’m actually surprised that not more novels/novellas have been written in this setting.

The Jackal Queen features two unlikely friends who make their way back to ancient Egypt through the use of magic and modern technology, after which they get stuck and have to find their way back home. The Egypts thinking they’re actually avatars of the gods Sobek and Mahes, leads to quite some interesting situations, which mostly end up getting quite steamy.

While I love the way the Egyptian setting is used in this story at times, I feel that a lot more could have been done with it. If you take out all hot scenes, which I actually loved, there would be very little left of the actual novella, which is a shame. Instead of using x-rated scenes to make the story stronger, it felt like the story was more like an excuse in order to write cohesive sex scenes. Instead of having written an “Erotic Historical Tale”, it felt more like an erotic tale with a bit of history thrown into the mix. The story could’ve been implemented in various historical times, without even having to change that much.

If you’re looking for some steamy scenes, then this book is definitely for you, but if you’re looking for a great story, try a different book.

– Faolan



The Jackal Queen – Roy Lisman

Plowed – Andres Cyanni Halden

Synopsis: 10 Foxes, 10 Farms, Lots of Plowing

A Little Drop of Poison by Andres Cyanni Halden
Academic Fulfillment by Danath
Aspirations by K.M. Hirosaki
Foxtrot by Tym
Irony and Woodwork by Whyte Yoté
Services Rendered by Jeeves
Sticky by D.J. Fahl
The Fox Says Neigh by Ajax B. Coriander
Weekend Pass by Andres Cyanni Halden
Weeping Bear Valley by Ajax B. Coriander

Published by: Furplanet Productions

This anthology is all about what the synopsis above says. We follow ten different foxes in different stories either plowing or getting plowed by many different guys. Most of the plowing was done by bigger species, which might seem repetitive, but was actually quite nice, especially because the stories were all different.

Weeping Bear Valley by Ajax B. Coriander was definitely most favourite story in this anthology, because it has a very nice and believable story, lovely characters, and there was just something about the way Coriander writes that made it very easy for the scenes and scenery to unfold inside of my mind. It was very well done.

Plowed was a very enjoyable, and very hot, read, of which the stories will probably stay with me for quite a while.

I’d love to recommend this anthology for anyone looking for a steamy read.

– Faolan


Plowed – Andres Cyanni Halden