Over Time – Kyell Gold

Football season is over, and in the wake of a tumultuous year, Lee and Dev decide to take this quiet time to think about their relationship. But as their friends and family draw the couple into their own issues, the offseason becomes anything but quiet.

Watching the failures and successes of the relationships close to them gives fox and tiger a lot to think about, but they must decide for themselves whether their love is strong enough to overcome the obstacles in their way—namely, each other.

This is the fifth volume of Dev and Lee’s story which began in Out of Position and continued in Isolation PlayDivisions, Uncovered and Over Time.

Cover and interior illustrations are by Rukis and Kenket.

Published by Sofawolf Press

First of all, let us take a minute to appreciate the use of a very clever title. Over Time is a football term of course, but a lot can also happen “over time”, which is basically what this final installment deals with. The book deals with all the things that Dev and Lee have experienced in the past few months. It makes this title very ambiguous, which just tickles me in the right way. Moving on!

Over Time is a somewhat slower book compared to the other four, which is mainly to blame for the lack of football action. They are in the off-season now, which means there won’t by any games to be played in the book. I didn’t expect to miss that as much as I did. I have nothing with American Football personally, but the way Gold wrote those scenes was so incredibly dynamic and entertaining, that I thoroughly miss those moments in this book.

Instead, the book is all about Dev and Lee’s relationship, and the relationships of those around them, which leads to very funny, but also very sad moments. I especially loved following Dev again, who is my favourite of the two main characters, because he actually tackles his problems head-on and knows what he wants. This is a sharp contrast to Lee, who keeps asking himself the same damn questions throughout the entire book, even though we know the answer already. This is in no way bad storytelling though. It is just the way Lee is.

I love that the book ties up a lot of loose ends one by one, but still manages to reveal new details about characters we already know, to keep them interesting, and to keep us wondering about them. The book has a half-open ending, which is to be expected, as their lives don’t suddenly end. The ending was very satisfying, and it didn’t give me a feeling of farewell. Instead, it was more as if Gold wanted to leave us with a feeling of “until we meet again”.

And we will…

– Faolan


Over Time – Kyell Gold

Science Friction – Kyell Gold

Synopsis:  Meet Vaxy the pine marten. He’s a graduate student at sunny Hoffridge U., where he helps Dr. Forrest with teaching, lab work, and getting his pants off whenever things are slow.

Meet Mike the rabbit. He’s Vaxy’s roommate and not-boyfriend, and he certainly wouldn’t have any reason to be jealous of Vaxy sleeping with someone else. If he found out.

Meet Grace the fennec. He’s a student, a friend of Vaxy and Mike who holds the firm belief that sex is just sex and shouldn’t be mistaken for a relationship.

Yes, it’s just another semester at “Hot Fudge U.,” where the sex is as hot and easy as a day at the beach. Vaxy and his friends have most of another year to go before they have to worry about that “real world” thing they’ve heard about.

Now meet Mrs. Forrest. She’s Dr. Forrest’s wife.

Written by Kyell Gold

Cover art and interior illustrations by Cirrus

Published by FurPlanet Productions

Science Friction is a good example of a good story being crammed into just 65 pages. The synopsis explains pretty well what’s going on in the book, as the story is actually quite simple, but very enjoyable.

We follow Vacqui (Vaxy) Donovan, as he tries to weasel (pine marten!) his way out of a very interesting predicament. In order to do that, he weaves a web of lies that keeps tripping him up every time he thinks he has solved everything. Mix this with some very interesting side characters, who are simple, but not flat, and hot x-rated scenes, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mix for a sexy romantic comedy.

To top it off, you’re treated with a funny and sexy bonus story involving two of the side characters.

Kyell Gold never disappoints.

Science Friction


Science Friction – Kyell Gold